NaMo and Climate change

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has emerged as the single largest party in India, with Narendra Modi (in short known as ‘NaMo’) as its new Prime Minister. The election was a historic one and India woke up anticipating election results after six weeks of election campaigning and eight phases of voting in 29 States with more than 1 billion voters.

Development issues marked the forefront and communal / caste related arguments actually took a back seat as countless members of the minority in a bid to rid India of its former government joined forces and voted for Mr. Narendra Modi. Continue reading

Talk Climate Change with your kids/

Talk Climate Change With Your Kids

Parents: Talk Climate Change With Your Kids

Start Them Early It’s their earth they will inherit, help them to appreciate and respect it. Everyone has to do their part to help reduce their carbon emissions — it is especially important to teach your kids. They hold the keys to saving the planet. We all have some type of mess in our lives. It doesn’t matter if it is economical or ecological, it is up to to do our part to help clean it up. Continue reading

Environment stories reviewed from 2013

This was the year when Climate change came out of the closet. It started with the American president Barack Obama elevating climate change to one of his top presidential priorities. Climate deniers were swiped at and the notable Keystone XL pipeline was discussed openly, decision pending…The 19th yearly session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference held at Warsaw in Poland in November 2013 saw UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reiterated his invitation to all government to a climate solution summit in New York on 23 September 2014. He said,  “I ask all who come to bring bold and new announcements and action. By early 2015, we need those promises to add up to enough real action to keep us below the internationally agreed two degree temperature rise.” Continue reading

The Coming of the Nano Age

Nanotechnology is today defined as the understanding, imaging ,control and use of matter at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers which is smaller than the wavelength of visible light and a hundred thousandth the width of a human hair. Amazing properties of materials emerge at those dimensions  and the ability to use those materials in different fields in exciting new technology becomes limitless. Futurist and inventor Raymond kurzweil expects the Nano Age to begin as an exponential climb into a vastly different world.This will end the Information age which began in the 1990. According to him this is the potential answer to all our problems and it also hands us the power to destroy ourselves and our home with that much ease.  Nanotechnology will become the most powerful tool the human species has ever used. With it, we will literally fashion the world of tomorrow into whatever we so desire How….? that is a billion dollar question!! Continue reading

Typhoon Haiyan’s grim trail of destruction

Even as thousands across the western islands of Philippines watch in despair the grim trail of destruction left by the Typhoon Haiyan and the fear and desperation of many is palpable as the Typhoon now makes a landfall in Vietnam today. 

The islands of Philippines are particularly susceptible to typhoons and Tsunami’s and get their fair share of disasters . This time more than 10,000 are feared dead in Philippines and simultaneously 600,000 evacuated in Vietnam. The super typhoon Haiyan is one of the strongest storms ever recorded and it has reportedly destroyed around three-quarters of the area of Leyte province.  Continue reading

India’s Mission to Mars

As the rest of the country celebrated Diwali by launching fireworks in the sky , a group of hardworking scientists at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh very successfully launched India’s first mission to the Red Planet Mars. at exactly 2:38 pm on Tuesday. What a moment it was ! This Rs 430-crore project, informally known as “Mangalyaan” which was approved on 3 August, 2012 by ISRO ( Indian Space and Research Organisation) created history as India became the 4th country after USA, Russia and the EU to launch this mission to Mars. Continue reading

E waste away

I came across this…interesting new project which seeks to find a simple solution to a huge problem…one of E waste. It claims that the largest source of E Waste is the short life of old cell phones and their components. The solution is nerdy and downright brilliant!The tagline reads Phonebloks…a phone worth keeping. Already garnering enough support for the movement, the project urges you to join the thunderclap and its 950,713 supporters.Ending on 29th of October, 10 am EDT the project and its details can be found below…join in…be the change….cause a ripple in the global conversation. Continue reading